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Week Wrap-Up

So, fellows, it's time for our very first official week wrap-up!

So, we started out with an interesting development. Barbossa, our beloved apple-whore somehow got himself stranded in the hut of Tia Dalma. He's babbling a whole lot about that he suddenly feels alive again, which is a little funny considering the last time we saw him he was pretty much dead ... but that's beside the point.

It seems that the only one still having faith in feared and infamous Captain Barbossa is an undead monkey, cause he seemingly knew the trick how to wake said Ex-Captain.

Tia Dalma and Hector try to find out how exactly he came to be where he is with showing eachother just how much they like to trust people. All the while, Barbossa might get a queasy stomach from eating too much apple, and therefor haveing too much apple-acid in his body. But appearently, that's not the real reason that he, after having been offered a place to sleep by Tia and eating actual food, empties his stomach onto the weird people allways hanging about Tias hut ... poor souls ... apple and squid surly don't mix well!

Next our eyes find the welcoming sight of Tortuga where we see ... well that's interesting. Ex-Lieutenant Andrew Gillette striding up the docks to the city in tow with Jonathan Groves.
They're searching for the guy, now-a-days knowen as "the scruffy sexy beast" or easier, Norrington. Seemingly both, or atleast Andrew, has still faith in said Ex-Commodore to fix whatever mess he got himself into ... he properbly once again didn't accomplish a simple task as leading someone to the gallows.

Both men have tried to fit in with the Tortugian livestile, but kinda forgot that some color on your cheaks and no fine clothes don't make you a criminal perse.

That's what they need Anamaria for! They meat the lovely Captain after a short run-in with Giselle. It's obvious that there is no love lost between Ana and Giselle ... but Ana, craving to be on sea again, drags them away from Giselle into her favorite Tavern where she nearly slices Gillette to pieces ... quit a little temper, the young lady has, aye? Apart from learning that the two "boys" are looking for Norrington, she also discovers that Jonathan Groves is a playboy she can easily - or so she thinks - wrap around her finder while Gillette is much for of a challange.

Our mentioned playboy nearly loses his guts when his big role-model in honesty and rule-sticking agrees to commandere the ship they arrived on and make Anamaria Captain no less; as she knows that James is with Jack Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl.

Change of Scenery. Meet Captain Jack Sparrow! Jack and his crownies - pardon - fellowes in crime have stepped upon the island which holds Davy Jones most loved Treasure ... a cut-out, still beating, still bloody heart stuffed into a dirty box in the sand.

It seems beloved Lizzie herself ins't entirly sure what she wants at the moment. The Sexy Devil on Legs Jack? The Scruffy Beast? Or maybe even her supposed fiance? Live can be so difficoult. She finally seems able to descover the cheast (with a little, questionable help from Jack) and they both nearly scream at the sexy beast to show of his talents at being just that by digging for the heart.

And once again we're in Tortuga! It seems though, that our beloved OT3 isn't entirly ready to step aboard the ship yet. Less importand things like Groves getting it off and Ana having a catfight with Giselle are first on their To Do List.

Finally, we're meeting Elizabeths Swanns fiance. He's nearly lost his soul, been wiped by his father, nearly been eating by the oversized angry sushi and other such nonsense and all that for a women dreaming of screwing around - with everyone but him? Poor Bisquit.

Anyhow. Will Turner, that's the chaps name, runs to catch up with his fair lady and her pirate captain (or maybe he as well want's a look at the scruffy beast diging in the hot sun?) screaming Sparrows name. Jack on the other hand sees his chances with the Governors daughter melt away like ice in the sunshine and therefor, places himself between Lizzie and her fiance, waving about with his arms. Such a brilliant mind, aye?

Behind the curtains of our wonderful story, we allready decovered that Jack not only had an affair with Tia Dalma, but also they made a baby!! *squee* and that baby is going to be non other then beloved, litle, cuty Anamaria ... neither knows aboiut it until now though (except Tia) which will lead to Ana having a little fling with her favorite drunken sailor. Yuck, aye? But fun!!

Just as well, the thoughts of a Gillette/Anamaria relationship don't seem to far ... love/hate and all that nonsense ;)

Lizzie will still try to figure out just what exactly it means when a compass who's supposed to show what your heart truely desires, points at a boy ... like I said, live an be difficoult!

So, my 'earties! I'm back onto the sea ... we'll see us next week with more crazy plotlines to discover and more unreal relationships! Oh and, yeah ... if I maybe bashed little Willy a little I'm sorry, just can't stand the guy.

~ distel
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